Body clock reset substance discovered, the key point, phosphorylation of specific proteins that are

body clock reset substance discovered, the key point? Phosphorylation of a particular protein that is stimulated by the light.

▲ body clock reset substance detection / photo = MBC news capture

We found a body clock reset substance

There has been a growing interest in the body clock reset substance discovery of news.

The 27th (local time), according to the joint research team of McGill University and Conquer Deer Canada, when the jet lag does not work in the error of the biological clock, found a protein that can be reset (reset) this US science media such as Science Daily has reported.

This experimental result is not only a problem of jet lag, various sleep disorders and depression, evoke autism, high expectations are that it can be utilized in areas such as metabolic abnormalities.

According to the research, the key point for resetting the biological clock is known as the phosphorylation of a particular protein to be stimulated by light from the brain.

Since the biological rhythm feel the appetite and Sumyon’yoku in human cells varies from about 24-hour cycle, which usually is referred to as a biological clock. The biological clock is to be greatly affected by the previous light came to be known by the study.

The team, our is focused on the phosphorylation activity of a protein called eIF4E found in the brain, and mouse experiments, to observe changes due to the presence or absence of phosphorylation action of this protein.

First, a group of mutated eIF4E protein, targeting normal group, and reducing the life-cycle associated with the light and darkness to 10.5 hours to 12 hours, an experiment was performed to analyze the activity surface at the running wheel.

As a result, in the group that did not make the protein mutated phosphorylation activity, and show a problem in body clock, exercise capacity was also found that it was clearly appeared to decrease.

The research team through the death of future research that this protein acts phosphorylated by light has been confirmed , as well as the time difference problem, a variety of sleep disorders, depression, autism, metabolic abnormalities such as in I was told that will also be utilized.

This is expected to play a very important role in biochemical studies as a tumor suppressor protein which can result in death of the cancer cell research.

The research team also, to upon waking affect the life rhythm also ordinary people living reliably receive the light of the sun has caught a glance to say that it is important to health and longevity.

On the other hand, research results of this time, it was found that it was published in the online version of the 27th’s Nature Neuroscience (Nature Neuroscience).

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The best of filial piety Gift massage chair ;, without rental to purchase

best filial piety Gift

massage chair

;, without rental to purchase

In order to correct the company employee Fanmoshi law role to greet the first mother-in-law’s birthday after marriage, it was decided to present the state-of-the-art massage chair to take the plunge. Although the market has chairs products many massage results most of comparing several days to become a burden on the expensive massage chair price, it was decided to use the rental program presented from a certain person. But, come to think carefully, the big money but I have a long time, be a purchase, more it is determined that substantially, buy taking advantage of card interest-free, offered as a gift.

Always massage chair that the middle-aged and elderly of about be counted on filial piety gift first place have been the target, the company employee and a housewife now, and enjoy the popularity that you chose not young and old relationship, such as a student has been popularized. Although massage chair slightly higher level of prices to the masses of the acts as the biggest failure, so far companies to implement the rental program, and had made a massage chair as a purchase rather than rent recently increased the accessibility We tend to people is increasing. The natural industry is in a state of being nutrients brand suitable for purchase and rental. The current purchase center of the massage person, Torebian and Largo of Kojima, has gained popularity client prestige and dumplings modern brand of healing mate, a person of rental massage, body friend can be cited as a typical product.

Tend to favor the purchase rather than rental, it is interpreted as a substantive to accompany the nature and the purchase of products. Massage chair, because it is one of the products that are most long been used in the house as furniture and home appliances Once you purchase, if you look long as Mr. Huang, but rather to raise in the purchase rather than rental I prefer that. In addition, it is like giving far more than the than if you buy procurement If you think installment cost a month rental fee to be levied during the rental proceeds, until the penalty. Although different for each dealer, or can receive an additional discount at the time of cash purchase, interest-free installments that are provided from the card company, if you think about the welfare of such point acquisition, the burden to abandon the rental will be offset to some extent thing I can.

is the distributor of the parties, rental, and a recognition that is a kind of debt to issue by dividing the price by receiving the product first, because it does not meet the desire of ownership that use borrowed product for a certain period of others , purchase number is it say wonder increasingly growing.

Than the card used by the economic downturn, cash, in an atmosphere of society the use of the debit card is encouraged, for now, the atmosphere that had made the massage chair to purchase it is expected to continue.

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39; Korea Performing Arts utterance Study Group 39; 2nd Symposium

39; Korea Performing Arts utterance Study Group 39; Japan Korea Performing Arts utterance Study Group has come the 11th of the utterance of the second symposium held Korea performance artists will be integrated professionally research, Gangnam-gu, Seoul it is located in, will be held The 2nd Korea Performing Arts utterance symposium Samsung 1 buildings Cultural Center.

This symposium, under the theme on breathing that has emerged in another issue of performing arts utterance, is prepared in such as expert lectures and master classes for each performing arts field. The program, starting with the announcement of Kim Hyonte Ye Sung Otolaryngology voice center representative director on the theme of utterance physiology of breathing, voice actor Korea Association Omusanhyon voice actor, announced each and Chile Music Japan singer Imusonho Mr. for change in breathing and tone is, it is planned to continue for the change of breathing and sound of East Asia broadcasting University of the Arts Yumiran professor. In addition, Tara McAllisterViel professor of Britain Essex University as an overseas invited speakers (Acting School Professor) performs the US and overall lectures and master classes of breathing method used to train the actor in the UK. Practical music major students, vocalists, musical actor, singer 8729 actor aspiring, can be widely experienced expertise and information of breathing and speaking in a variety of fields, such as the general public.

Korea Performing Arts utterance Study Group Kimuhyonte president is that through a symposium on the theme of breathing it is possible to share a deeper information and knowledge, will be the opportunity to be able to learn by direct experience, every year He told that the new Once theme held a symposium in to be able to share a properly accurate knowledge and experience.

Korea Performing Arts utterance Study Group symposium, practical music you are interested in performing arts, and can participate in a variety of fields singing, music, etc., e-mail along with a copy of After you create an application form (thekavpagmail) or by fax (0234440538) there can be pre-registered. Registration of 11 hours 30 minutes to site the morning of the symposium is also possible. Registration fee, usually of 30,000 won, the student is 20,000 won. Contact: 0234440550

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Belly every time I see the urine 39; Biribiri 39; … urethral syndrome

belly every time I see the

urine 39; Biribiri 39; … urethral syndrome? The common as women 5-15 Aruuru

The good is not the antibiotic … life management

After watching the urine, or there is pain in the belly without special reason, if Jan’nyogamu (殘尿 feeling) is applied, it must be suspected urethral syndrome. Urethral syndrome, it is made a material to protect the urethra from the urine is not good, lt urine stimulates immediately the urethra are those that cause pain; graphic gt ;.

Urethral syndrome is usually about women of 5 to 15 is suffering. Pear Ohki sinus hospital urology Yunhana Professor urethral syndrome, a lot of misunderstanding similar in cystitis and symptoms, inflammation substances in the urine test is not detected, because there is inflammation, an effect even with antibiotics It said that it is not. The disease, can withstand the chance of pain, often visit the hospital after two to three years. Since the long alginate pain, patients melancholy propensity is high, but more nerve keen.

You can use the sympathetic blockers to lower the excitement of muscle relaxant and nervous and it is possible to improve the symptoms. To also use analgesics in order to take the pain, rather than analgesics such as Tylenol to write headache menstrual pain and must use strong analgesic agent that blocks the signal by acting directly on the pain nerves. Yunhana Professor, to improve the management, it will be improved to the extent there is no hindrance in daily life, or stressed, if you are tired, at any time to recurrence, he said. Caffeine to relax the body is taboo, if you must frequently to drink always a more water. Pain during urination and water intake is less urine is concentrated becomes badly.

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Sinusitis warning, and be seen doubt After coming out a lot of mucus of the nose …

sinusitis warning, and be seen doubt After coming out a lot of mucus of the nose …

Sinusitis advisory

Sinusitis warning is buzz on the net.

The reason for sinusitis warning has attracted attention recently that many various allergens, such as immediately the day hidden large fine dust dust pollen, because it is spring. Or cold does not fall well, and to probably because of allergy, received a diagnosis of acute sinusitis in the hospital late one step to parry lightly, are numerous if you are up to surgery.

Well sinusitis known in empyema can be symptoms such as half build Back pain nose runny face of stuffy nose ongoing yellow runny nose moves to the typical features.

Sinus may be a free space that is in the bones around the nose. It is connected via the back of the nose space (nose) and the small holes (mouth), the nasal mucosa swelling in cold or allergic rhinitis which serves to assist the function of the nose, mucus secretion increases Then, crowded the sinuses and nose are connected to fit the passage mucus accumulates in the paranasal sinuses, I will be sinusitis occurs.

Especially sinusitis is divided into acute and chronic, acute, it occurs as a normal cold late complications, after the onset of chronic acute sinusitis, or not done is appropriate treatment, or acute inflammation If it is repeated, and that appears. Acute treatment, to enforce the drug therapy, such as analgesics antihistamines, anti-inflammatory agents as necessary antibiotic decongestant and.

Treatment of sinusitis, but also important medicine and surgery, because the improvement of daily life habits is very important, if the runny nose in cold or allergic rhinitis occurs, the nose is washed frequently with physiological saline In me, it is preferable to us to maintain the humidity in the room proper by using a humidifier and flower pots.

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Celebrating Children’s Day, three of TIP that summarize children’s health


Children’s Day, three of TIP that summarize children’s health

./ photo = Chosun Ilbo DB children is a lesson of art along with the teacher

Parent to prepare a gift celebrated the Children’s Day in many cases. Toys, books, clothes, etc., but is a gift a variety that can give the most to children, most want gift parents to children is health of children. And celebrated the Children’s Day, let us examine the health management method of the child’s parent can be referenced.

◇ swimming, gymnastics, growth plate stimulated with stretch

It is a growth hormone to determine the healthy growth of children. Growth hormone is secreted from the anterior pituitary, as well as bone growth and the effect of synthesizing protein by decomposing fat. However, growth hormone, come different secretion amount in accordance with environmental factors. Secreted growth hormone, also be used for the growth of the child’s keys, it may also be used elsewhere. Balanced nutrition, adequate sleep, fun feeling, regular exercise, as well as promotes the secretion, such as growth hormone healthy body, and the role to concentrate on growth. On the other hand, unbalanced nutrition, obesity caused by overeating, mental stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, such as illness, is a factor that inhibits the secretion of growth hormone.

Growth hormone, which is secreted until about ten thousand 55 years, the growth is only possible when the growth plate is opened. However, growth plates are not intended to increase the child’s key without any stimulus. Through growth plate activity to move the body, to receive a certain amount of stimulation, promotes bone growth, to increase the key. All movements are basically good growth, stretching and swimming that do not use an instrument, gymnastics, etc. in order to stimulate the growth plate dance, it is more effective.

◇ 10 am to 2 am sometimes night bedtime unconditionally

Sleep time zone also a major impact on skeletal growth of children. About 60 to 70 days of the amount secreted growth hormone is secreted into the 22:00 to 2:00. Therefore, entering to the child bed early, as can take enough sleep, there is a need for active support of the parent. In the case of 2-3-year-old children, usually requires a sleep of about the 1st 12 to 14 hours, and children between 4 to 6 years of age 11 to 12 hours, after 7-year-old every day, at least 9 to 10 hours there is a need for sleep time. Meanwhile, it is known that a great influence on the child’s psychological state is also growing. If when the children were placed in a situation to receive the psychologically terrible pressure, hormonal regulation capacity from the pituitary is reduced, growth hormone secretion amount you may grow slower decreased.

◇ childhood obesity, the need to pre-management exercise

If BBW is not a few even if the plump child is big childhood. Old steamed reason a child is because the number of fat cells increases. The obese adults size of fat cells is increased to a very different behavior. Once more adipocytes, even on a diet, to reduce their number, is not easy. Childhood Obesity can be made to leave the room to be fat again later.

the probability of actually childhood obesity leads to adult obesity has become very high as 60 to 80. Therefore, this time in advance to prevent obesity, it is important to avoid increasing the number of fat cells. How to eat less unconditionally, when the poor, because it may give a bad influence on the child’s growth and physical functions, than it is desirable to make a stable movement.

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RB Korea streptavidin room, firefighters sponsored Beautiful Voice Campaign

RB Korea streptavidin room, firefighters sponsored Beautiful Voice Campaign

Sore throat treatment of global sales first place, to win the RB Korea (RB Korea) is video viewing number of firefighters donation of up to May 31 from today (16th), which has sold streptavidin room (Strepsils) Beautiful Voice Campaign me to proceed on YouTube.

This campaign, which is provided in order to cheer the hero and is firefighter of Beautiful Voice to save people who are in trouble in a fire or an accident is carried out in the participation of consumers. If watching the firefighters sponsored campaign video of introduction has been streptavidin room to YouTube, it’s scheduled to be transferred to the firefighters to earn a predetermined donation only of RB Korea number that was viewed.

If consumers are interested through anyone Streptomyces chamber homepage campaign links (, it is possible to join any number of times.

This campaign, as part of the RB Korea streptavidin yarn firefighters organized social contribution activities in progress, at the risk through the voluntary participation of all the people, and thanks to the firefighters to protect the safety and people’s lives it was planned to try to convey the feeling of cheer.

RB Korea John eun Streptomyces room brand manager, it is assumed to ensure the life of the person, was supposed to be planning the current campaign with the feeling of gratitude to the dedication of the firefighters that are committed to safety protection and people’s lives, To only a campaign carried out by the participants, it was revealed that it is hope that will again recall opportunity feelings and the importance of appreciation of firefighters in the interest of many people.

On the other hand, RB Korea, has developed a streptavidin room TV ad in which the beautiful voice of firefighters to save the life themes and various firefighters sponsored activities. To leave March 17, it is a doctrinaire and pharmacist subject firefighters cheering campaign of pharmacist an agreement with the Korean Pharmaceutical Association.

Donation is passed to the fire mutual aid meeting with the name of the pharmacist who participated in the campaign, we have received the participation of the pharmacist through pharmacist public opinion website.

A sore throat therapeutic agents Streptomyces room honey and lemon lozenges and streptavidin room orange lozenges, the effect while the first time was released influenza revision cormorant reduce the pain of pen containing lozenges throat within 15 minutes in the country It is continued for 24 hours.

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KISA, of information protection characteristics 3 selection support

of KISA,

of information protection characteristics

3 selection support Future Creation Science and the National Internet Development Agency of Korea, in order to intensively cultivate the talent of information protection, University to specialize in information protection of the three places were selected, it was revealed on the 27th that it has decided to support.

If it is selected to University of information protection characteristics, regardless of the results of CSAT, it is possible to screen a student with a field talent and passion protection of information security.

It is to be reborn to security personnel equipped with a expertise through an intensive course of these two years (University of 3, 4 grade).

Agency, through public offering this year, selecting three of the University during the first six months, required to protect property education of information △ that to complete the advance preparation, such as construction △ characteristic majors development △ student selection of educational environment by the end of the year It is planning.

In addition, the University has been selected, the infrastructure construction costs, project research fund, is to support policy a total of 1.3 billion 500 million won, such as tuition fees of the selected student.

The university, which was excellent by evaluating the results of future business, to support the operating budget an additional two years.

Agency 31 days traveling through briefings related to information protection characteristics of university support project in Seoul Seocho IoT Innovation Center.

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Road along the wormwood, do not eat indiscriminately wild spring herbs, such as horseradish

of the road along the wormwood, do not eat wild spring herbs indiscriminately, such as wasabi and [Herald economy = gold Teyoru reporter] Food and Drug treatment (Director Kimusunhi) is March 2 to April 10, nationwide local and to collect wild Wakana 377 to grow along with the governments in the pollution concern areas such as peripheral urban river road, heavy metals (lead, cadmium) the results of investigating the pollution level, than produce heavy metals acceptance criteria in 37 cases (9.8) lead, cadmium is high detected the 14th, it was in the clear. Hills and fields, mugwort, a result of the inspection of the spring 73 herbs of the wild, such as wasabi in non-contaminated areas, such as fields, were all fit.

Result of Shoku-yaku destination of investigation, contaminated areas, wormwood (152) is 17, wasabi (Showing 111) 7, pinnata (28), the 5 is detected higher than the heavy metal acceptance criteria of agricultural products It was. Inappropriate Wakana of lead is detected up to 1.4ppm, cadmium was detected up to 0.4ppm.

Heavy metal standards mugwort of agricultural products, horseradish, dandelion such as leafy vegetables is less than or equal to lead 0.3ppm, cadmium 0.2ppm, healing, leaf Gyoncheryu such pinnata is less than or equal to the lead 0.1ppm, cadmium 0.05ppm. Shoku-yaku destination ldquo; spring outdoor activities during the city rivers, collecting 183 wild spring herbs of concern area of pollution, such as along the road; without ingestion, bracken that can be easily taken in the spring, fern, etc. digestive the failure of the system, plantain is dysuria, day lily is may cause dizziness, always after taking in enough water to wearing, cooking and 183; rdquo that must be taken; and it begged.

At the same time, such as in the fields and hills, there is that safety accidents occur due to poisonous plant as of spring of herbs, pay attention, and called not to taken if there is no knowledge or experience of Wakana. For more information about the results of this survey, it is possible confirmation is through the Shoku-yaku destination website (mfds.go).

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Taiji pharmaceutical, gastrointestinal drug famotidine second sanity Dean two released

Taiji pharmaceutical, gastrointestinal drug famotidine second sanity Dean two released

Taiji constraints I was released heartburn by suppressing the excessive secretion of gastric acid, the gastrointestinal drug is effective in such Shinto~urimu as file Moti Dinh John 10mg and the first tee Dinh John 75mg.

The biggest advantage of famotidine and Nizadin component generally mountain secretion inhibitory effect that does not interfere with ranitidine cytochrome P450 enzyme action to detoxify the harmful substances involved in the metabolism of the liver as compared to that used for the gastrointestinal drug more It is a feature it is powerful. In addition, almost no drug interactions to drop the efficacy of the drug, the effect of hormones it can be Mibihe safe to use.

Excessive secretion of Taiji pharmaceutical planning Shitsu-kin Ju-mi pharmacist stomach acid, heartburn, induces symptoms such as Shinto~urimu, if it was allowed to stand for a long time this is to note that there is a possibility to develop gastric ulcers, such as gastritis and if not, should not, and then wave Moti Dinh John 10mg and a second sanity Din John 75mg is typical H2 receptor inhibition heartburn due to acid indigestion to gastric acid secretion inhibitory action as an agent, effectively and safely usable gastrointestinal Shinto~urimu It explained that medicine.

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