The number in the 2013 national audit billion won was Insurance Corporation app, left with insuffici

[2013 national audit] several hundreds of million won was Insurance Corporation app, left Health Insurance Corporation with insufficient content over hundreds of millions of won for people of various convenience, but was fabricated distribute the application (app), and inadequate the content and post-management insufficient, it became clear that it is virtually left state.

Saenuri party Shin’uijin lawmakers, according to Health Insurance Corporation application current state of the National Health Insurance Corporation, the number of average monthly downloads in one application 8 that is produced distributed over 100 million 43 million won from 2010 to this year 1000 matter following app it revealed five have been the 25th.

In the case of M health insurance, query function, the content necessary to real life, such as petition services are in short supply, it was only introduced and terminology of description of most of the health insurance corporation. In addition, when the run after installation, a phenomenon in which the screen size does not fit occurs. Health Gallery is a phenomenon that has been stopped during the selection of a particular menu (health paperback) has occurred. The reason why the app is ignored from the public, an error in short supply is required content, a non-optimization problem and post-management, such as mismatch of the screen is because it was insufficient.

In the case of application Shin’uijin lawmakers had been already produced against this, immediately the error and bug fixes, with a regular satisfaction surveys and monitoring system, to be updated at any time the added information and functionality Nara and was also, to understand the maintenance and intermediate inspection realities of contractors to disloyal trader pointed out the need for sanctions, such as struck out system .

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Medical this year sales of 1 one hundred billion Nomugetoda

JW Chugai Medical year of sales 1 one hundred billion Nomugetoda diagnostic reagent market aggressively capture

  JW Chugai Medical, a subsidiary of JW Holdings the 19th, held a reagent Center opening ceremony in Seoul Gasan-dong, it declared a turnover 100 billion won breakthrough of 2013. The day Chason’namu JW production department of Chugai, Bakuguso JW Holdings president, Igyonha JW Chugai Group Vice Chairman, Noyongapu JW Chugai Medical president, Iu~ongyu JW Chugai Medical reagent Center (from front row left) after the addition of reagent Center opening ceremony We have a commemorative photo.

JW Chugai Medical has declared a turnover 100 billion won breakthrough of 2013. For this reason, it is inaugurated the reagent Center in Seoul Gasan-dong, it’s aggressively capture to policy the market at home and abroad of diagnostic reagents.

JW Holdings JW domestic and international Medical, a subsidiary of revealed the 19th and embark on a medical equipment market concentration Cheats domestic biochemical reagent release home and abroad set a sales target for this year to 105 billion won. Especially JW Chugai Medical, in order to full-scale business in the field of diagnostic reagents, the BCS, Inc. owns the manufacturing technology of the reagent has been acquired last year, such as opening the addition reagent Center in Seoul Gasan-dong, I was ready for the market capture.

Based on this, the high quality of the reagent provided at reasonable prices to domestic lawmakers market, at the same time increasing the market share, and to strengthen the overseas market capture, it’s strategy to develop as a medium- to long-term growth engine.

The new incubator, light-emitting diode (LED) jaundice therapy equipment, camera mounted Muyoundo~un beginning with orthopedic while continuously expand the marketing of specialty hospital and General Hospital of the core sales channel of strategic products to make, neurosurgery, medical examination center It plans to expand the target from the low-cost market in through the development of new markets, such as to draft market.

Also embark aggressively on capacity building in the field of research and development (RD). JW Chugai Medical, have been made the smart operating table of studies that enhance the user interface to the ongoing, plans to launch products that performance has improved in the new surgery JWT7000 which was released last year.

In addition, some products available but to apply the customization options to promote the development in accordance with the type of surgery, such as to reinforce the Honey lux LED vision of the mounting of the camera Muyoundo~un the color temperature automatic adjustment function, operating table in 2015 Muyoundo~un The may be used in conjunction with a plan to develop a video management data link system.

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ICL intraocular lens insertion preoperative reason must undergo UBM inspection is

ICL intraocular lens insertion preoperative reason must undergo UBM inspection is?

In order to escape the discomfort of glasses or contact lenses, a lot of people is LASIK? LASEK we’re considering surgery.

However, surgery is not a few people impossible.

In fact LASIK, even want to LASEK surgery, there are statistics that’s impossible to 10 people in one or two people of surgery.

LASIK, LASEK surgery, or when or high myopia is difficult for corneal surgery to correct a refractive error by cutting the cornea with a laser to cut the cornea in a thin laser, astigmatism, raw people, to correct the cornea There is a limit, difficult surgery.

It is an effective alternative immediately intraocular lens implantation surgery in such cases. Lens implantation surgery, as it is while maintaining without cutting the cornea in a manner to correct vision by inserting a specially fabricated lenses, when side effects occur, to remove the lenses immediately to the state prior to surgery there is an advantage in that return is also possible.

Intraocular lens implantation surgery, based on the insertion position, the most common ICL in the lens insertion surgery is divided by the front lens and the rear lens insert the lens between the iris and lens in the rear lens insertion surgery eyesight It is a surgery to correct.

Myopia (3-23 diopters) and live (3-17 diopters) calibration is possible, by Historic ICL is to insert a lens to match the direction of the eye astigmatism, myopia in a single operation, hyperopia and astigmatism (1-6 diopter) until the corrected together, it is possible to stable visual recovery clean.

However, it is important to space the precise measurement between the iris and the lens case of the ICL. ICL of the posterior lens, the human eye the size of the lens emerges Jonhejoso four, the size and shape are different for each, to insert a size of the lens that does not fit the eye, the likelihood of lens exchange, cataracts and there is a risk that glaucoma occurs.

Therefore, we must always be conducted UBM examination. UBM examination, only conventional ophthalmic examination apparatus can be confirmed until the fine part of the rear eye tissue after iris that it was not possible to examine in detail as ultrasound bio-microscopy, space at the site where the lens is located Bet to measure the depth.

Gangnam Aionsu Ophthalmology Hidarikumo-ho director is intraocular lens implantation surgery, LASIK for treatment of the surface of the cornea, unlike LASEK, and for only a surgical procedure to be performed in the space in the snow, to insert a precise lens in, such as UBM examination, a detailed examination is important necessary, you can locate and select a number of lens types of surgery capable hospital from hospital to stick only to the one lens, preoperative test results Based on, said most suitable lens implantation surgery it is important to receive a yourself.

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National of 70 sleep dissatisfaction … sleep drink will be released quot;

CJ was first sugar National of 70 sleep dissatisfaction … sleep drink will be released prior to the (Seoul = Yonhap News) Shinhogyon reporter = CJ beverage released the first sugar will help to sleep exposes the 5th of the relevant findings.

30 Of the two thousand 470 people website members in question according to this How satisfied or to usual sleep was the answer to be satisfied.

Average 5-6 hours about sleep respondents (38) the most, 57.9 complained and not enough sleep time.

Especially 30s, it was the worst quality of 40-something women of sleep. Of these, 80 had experienced sleep disorders such as not increase soundly and destroy sleeping.

Pakusanmyon CJ first sugar health food oversee marketing director Through this survey, consumers confirmed the demand for a good night’s sleep after it was released as a product that will help to sleep, aggressive It revealed that the wonder embark on sales and marketing.

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CERN, 7 times stronger new development than the particle accelerator of the Higgs boson

CERN, 039; 7 times more powerful than the next generation of particle accelerators will be developed than the particle accelerator than 7 times stronger new development giant hadron accelerator that confirmed the presence of particle of God (LHC); Higgs boson 039.

Europe Nuclear Joint Institute (CERN) is issued a statement to the 6th (local time), 12 to 15 300 people scholars to come as the time has come to move forward one step, gathered in the University of Geneva, Switzerland, the new particle accelerator development It revealed and embarked on a feasibility study for.

A new particle accelerator called futuristic circular accelerator (FCC) is a 80100㎞ ambient, collision energy CERN reaches the 100Tev (tera electron volts one trillion electron volts) has been described.

The CERN of the LHC who discovered the Higgs boson, called the particle of God in the 27 km around scale, currently in progress, upon completion of the performance improvement work in the next year, the collision energy reaches the 14 tera electron volts. FCC is not capable of accelerating protons collide with it than 7 times stronger energy.

FCC is seen to be built on the site, such as the LHC in Switzerland and France border, part of the acceleration tunnel, it will utilize the infrastructure of conventional LHC.

CERN parallel development and FCC of research already 80㎞ scale of straight particle accelerator that was undertaken (CLIC), through a feasibility study of five years, 2018 2019, plans to publish, such as estimated cost and design concept of both projects I.

LHC is life remains more than 20 years, the new particle accelerator is expected to help, such as the study of supersymmetry and dark matter.

CERN is (FCC and CLIC in the project) winner becomes the legitimate heir of the LHC, new particle accelerator, will will further expand the boundaries of knowledge of particle physics, he said.

It was added that difficult to estimate the estimated cost of the FCC at CERN Hatada stage.

If the LHC that have been completed in 2008, the first concept is described in the 1980s, construction plan in 1994 is confirmed, construction costs reached $ 5.6 billion (6 trillion 12.7 billion won).

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Korea Novartis Sutarebo

[Medicine Story] Korea Novartis Sutarebo

Parkinson’s disease, dementia, one of three elderly brain disease having a stroke, is high following the prevalence of dementia. Domestic Parkinson’s disease patients is estimated to be 70000 to 150000 people, society along with the gradual aging is expected that number is further increased in the future.

Parkinson’s disease, the number of nerve cells that produce store dopamine, a neurotransmitter that regulates the movement signal of nerve cells in the brain is reduced rapidly, develop. Disease becomes badly movement disorder enough to deterioration, muscle, reaches situations where the joint does not move completely the body hardens. However, early diagnosis, and when appropriate control and drug treatment steadily undergo, it is possible to maintain a daily life without further discomfort. Treatment of Parkinson’s disease, begins to replenish dopamine became insufficient in the brain as a medicine. Medicine ingredients called levodopa is converted to dopamine through the body’s metabolism. Between the average 2-3 years after levodopa administration, effects and prognosis is good. This time it referred to as the honeymoon period.

However, there is a limit to levodopa therapy. A long period of time when you take medication, because you can eat the same amount, medicinal discharge phenomenon efficacy expression time is shortened even increase the dose occur. Tremor, stiffness, symptoms such as pain is frequently display than the initial treatment, some patients complain anxiety disorders, panic, pain caused by depression. According to a recent study, it was announced that it has experienced a four medicinal discharge phenomenon among ten patients with Parkinson’s disease who are taking levodopa within the last ’10 (shortened phenomenon medicinal time). However, you can leave is determined that the number of patients is a natural course of the efficacy discharge phenomenon diseases, randomly often increasing the dosage of medication. In this case, the efficacy expression time is much shorter, it is possible to Parkinson’s symptoms worsen, for more than a movement disorder that limbs are twisted tangle, it can not be serious inconvenience feeling evoked in the daily life of the patient, and sometimes dangerous situations it is possible to bring about.

Parkinson’s disease therapeutic agents to complement the limitations of these levodopa therapy Sutarebo (Korea Novartis) is, compounding agents Jeddah that were added are inhibitors of two enzymes of levodopa as mold waveguide and circle Takafon.

Sutarebo, the cardiovascular system, or a little mental side effects occur, such as showing a positive medication adaptability and high tolerability, it has been proven the excellent efficacy safety profile. Especially long efficacy duration For Sutarebo compared with levodopa alone dose, was shown to reduce the time symptoms of Parkinson’s disease appear. The 1st proper volume by the patient’s Sutarebo effect should be determined on the basis of the diagnosis of the specialist to refer to the dose of levodopa can be confirmed from the first dose.

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A 15-minute vertebra bone cement collapsed to sneeze therapy

Treatment of [HEALTH spine Joruhaku Introduction] 15 minutes vertebra bone cement collapsed in sneezing [East Asia]

Spinal surgery scene

Wool grandmother living in Seoul Sen-kohora (70), but visited the hospital at the waist and the like is cut such severe pain three years ago, for osteoporosis, received a diagnosis of the first lumbar vertebra is depressed It was. For fear of surgery to forego with reference to pain, from two years ago, the symptoms as do nothing but lying in the middle room the day I visited the deterioration to the hospital again. This time was sitting hesitation thoracic three or more portions of the chest. It was a state of typical osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures. Yang was immediately injected into the goal (bone) cement, was able to escape from the excruciating pain unless stand in response to the vertebroplasty to consolidate firmly the bone.

Recognize people osteoporosis in serious adult diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure are rare. After there is no special symptoms, so proceed very slowly, if not sit hesitate to or broken bone, to realize its seriousness. However, when it comes to the aging society, osteoporosis, has emerged as the main diseases that harm the people’s health. According to the article in the Health Insurance Review Agency, osteoporosis patients, 44.3 increased in the four years from 2007 to 2011, of which more than 50 generations accounted for 93.7. Of these, women’s share in 92.5, but 12.3 times higher than men, another growth year, men high, has become a disease that can not be peace of mind to both men and women.

Osteoporosis, bone tissue of many of the advanced elderly, not only hurt is greatly weakened, because even a small impact such as sneezing and coughing may come serious diseases such as vertebral compression fractures , the elderly must be careful. 90 of the diagnostic patients of vertebral compression fractures was admitted to the first orthopedic hospital was the elderly over the age of 65 last year.

Vertebral compression fractures, lower bone density in osteoporosis, a disease collapse as cans Pusokupusoku was vertebrae sat down easily in mild shock, such as coughing and sneezing. Compared to normal vertebra, to become exactly awkward shape forward, as compression fractures. standing well to be generated on the junction of the middle thoracic or thoracic and lumbar spine is the most receive the site the power of time is. Thus fractured the site to recover immediately followed by fine fractures in me not with the depressed part to occur, it will be to induce excruciating pain grew nerve that causes pain in it.

Deformed bones as cans

Many reasons vertebral compression fractures in postmenopausal women and the elderly, the secretion of estrogen is a female hormone after menopause is from rapidly stem. Function of osteoclasts that destroy the bone which reduces the estrogen to activate the function of osteoblasts make bone is unnecessary activated, bone density decreases. Bone tissue is weakened porous love bone, also the vertebral fracture incidence of women who make collapse easily even in a small shock is rapidly increased since the 60s is for this reason. Men reduces male hormones such as excessive smoking, but with the bone mass of two times more than women, dropping the bone density life of osteoclasts is increased.

If the vertebral compression fracture occurs, because come severe pain such as lower back and, daily life is difficult, as scoliosis of the spine John Man Jun and body burning body goes more and more to stand distorted spine bone is bent sideways Na deformation may come, secondary pain, even other parts of the body may occur, such as the shoulder. In addition, the periphery of the vertebra also becomes weak, also it increases the probability that a chain reaction to fracture occurs. As a result, the key is decreased waist burn. Curved spine bone, by compressing the chest and belly heart, and dropped the lung function, aggravate the digestive function.

If the behavior is lying inconvenient, sometimes deep vein thrombosis and pneumonia, complications such as pressure sores occur, I have worse to osteoporosis. If you are bedridden is, it is known that 5 degree goal disappearance month occurs. Thus, greater than the risk of fracture bones other sites. Thus vertebral compression fractures, where although minor impact is beginning being allowed to stand can lead to serious consequences for multiple sequelae or complications. Vertebral compression fractures is known to be what 25-35 also increase mortality. In the foreign investigation, if the spine fracture occurs in the elderly, 5-year survival rate is assumed that the reduction from 78 to 61. In addition, these physical distress, likely to lead to mental illness, such as dementia and depression.

Easy treatment in local anesthesia

In the past it was only able to take absolute rest lying on treatment is 6 to 8 weeks bed of vertebral compression fractures. Newly developed method to improve such inconvenience is vertebroplasty (bone cement reinforced liquor). Spinal arthroplasty, treatment end with 15-20 minutes in a simple local anesthesia in a manner to solidify by injecting bone cement is a liquid state at a site that has been fractured with a special device such as a syringe. The incision without surgery burden sew in, disappear pain immediately after treatment, even long 1 to 2 hospital stay, faster return to everyday life. Effect with a simple treatment is very good, it is the practitioner to a lot of people.

Bone cement, after injection, fixed after a lapse of a certain period of time, the fracture site solidified in the strength of the bone. Also, most of the patients with hip is bent, but is bent at the waist for the pain that comes from depressed vertebrae, and to relieve the pain in the spine arthroplasty, it is possible to walk majestically stretched a curved waist . However, if the treatment is denatured came waist muscles late, it is impossible to walk by extending the hip alone is effective for pain relief. Therefore, before the secondary change comes, it is more important than anything be treated early. However, if the bone cement leaks out of the bone in the treatment process, because there is that mind is damaged, it must undergo surgery to be sure an experienced specialist.

To prevent vertebral compression fractures, it must first be in the healthy bone. Need calcium intake of the day is 1000~1500mg. It is sufficiently ingested through food as much as possible, and the vitamin D is to help the absorption of calcium, because they are fully produced in the sun for about 30 minutes a day, has a habit of every day an appropriate outdoor exercise, which also serves as a sunbathing it is good. Even better sense of balance and muscle strength is put out 30 minutes of time each day, it is a big help in the prevention of fractures. Tobacco in order to interfere with that interfere with the circulation of blood alcohol is to be absorbed calcium in the bone, this week, non smoking is also important.

Especially elderly bones weakened should be noted that it is able to fracture comes easily. When the weather is cool in recent way, it must be avoided and it is slippery to be wearing a heel lower leg cheap shoes. In addition, since easy to fall if the well can not be seen, dark Toko Rodewa, it is preferable to correct vision on fire. Once the symptoms that there is a suspicion of vertebral compression fracture appears, being treated in a timely manner to find the immediately experienced professionals, it’s the way to reduce the burden of time and cost, pain, surgery.

Kimugyonhan │ best orthopedic hospital director, cheilos

8th smoking ban, such as area 150 square meters restaurant Diet from

Area 150 square meters restaurant Diet, such as smoking bans from the 8th, more than 150 square meters area from the 8th restaurant, brasserie, in the room, such as a coffee shop can not smoke a cigarette. Diet courthouse, hospital, library, etc., is a non smoking the entire facility, including the parking lot. If you do not specify the premises in non smoking areas, 5 million won or less of the fines is, fines of smoking and 100,000 won in these areas is imposed.

Moreover, it is not possible to display menthol, a substance that is added to give flavor to the cigarette, such as coffee aroma in the box of cigarettes.

Ministry of Health and Welfare is to prevent the damage of passive smoking in public use facility, the National Health Promotion Law in order to effectively cut off the smoking incentive of youth interest, when enforcement from eight days, four days announced It was.

According to this bill, the area is 150 square meters or more of the general eateries break eateries bakery sales offices (nationwide about 80,000 locations), from the 8th, with the exception of another smoking room, is a non smoking in the whole room . Annual basis and to expand in the future, the area more than 100 square meters from January 2014 (nationwide about 150,000 places), from January 2015, smoking in all restaurants is prohibited.

Currently, smoking seats were arranged place a such as a PC or a table in the smoking such as coffee shop allows for now, from January 2015 I was to put only chair and ashtray in smoking.

With the exception of the case large-scale sports facilities, such as the current Central non smoking and the National Assembly, government offices government buildings such as court, where smoking in such youth novitiate is installed, it is not possible to smoke a cigarette.

Nursery school, kindergarten, elementary, junior high schools, medical facilities, libraries, youth novitiate, children’s playground, smoking is specified highway service area and as its accompanying facilities public use facilities such as is prohibited. However PC room is prohibited smoking from June 2013.

These locations parking, flower beds, smoking is prohibited at the facility, including the playground of the school. However, only smoking that have been installed from the entrance of the building at a distance of more than 10m it is possible to smoke a cigarette.

Smoking rooms smoke of tobacco is there must completely cut off sealed and in-room, such as a wall of glass so as not to flow into the room, must be installed ventilation equipment such as ventilators.

Owner occupant administrator or the like of these public use facilities, you can put a label indicating that the entire facility to the entrance of the building is non smoking, must put a seal. If you have this violation, the primary violation 1.7 million won, secondary violation 3.3 million won to 500 million won over-charge in the third violation is imposed. Smokers a hard fee is 10 million won.

Meanwhile, fruit, if Gahyan issuing fragrance (Jiaxing) substance is added to the tobacco such as menthol, which is can not be displayed on the cigarette boxes and advertising. As a result, are now commercially available Esse Menthol (KT G) such as 17 products in the future, it will be released under a new name.

In addition, installation is allowed only vending machine also smoking of tobacco. If you violate this, fines are levied 5 million won or less.

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Today fine dust evil, family health, the yellow dust mask

[MW Photo] today fine dust 039; bad 039 ;, family health, 039; yellow dust mask 039; to

Image area of ​​the body

To celebrate the life innovative Kleenex Enterprises Co., Kimberly has been granted the yellow sand and fine dust prevention effect from the Food and Drug destination yellow dust mask New (KF80) 2015 type new release, the 2nd morning, Seoul Jongno KuKiyoshi We proceeded sampling events to target the office workers in the River Square nearby.

This event, in which one after another recently fine dust and yellow dust advisory, by providing the opportunity to directly experience the yellow dust mask to many consumers, empathy that wearing of yellow dust mask is best for the prevention of fine dust It was planned to be formed to.

On the other hand, Kleenex yellow dust mask New (KF80) is, quadruple super electrostatic filter size is 1 micrometer or less of ultra-tenant also more than 80 cut can do the characteristics of the dust particles is built in the atmosphere of the structure. Especially in the applied three-dimensional structure of the four-stage folding design, improvement of fit compared to the general cloth mask, it is also easy to carry with individually wrapped.

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Protect water 2ℓ drink 321 law of the 1st

[Nutrition] protect water 2ℓ drink 321 law of the day

Weather in completely can feel the spring has been asked. Various Flower Festival nationwide continued, is also increasing crowds exiting the outing of spring. When the temperature of during a recent day try to rise up to 20 degrees Celsius, even flowing sweat little walk outdoors. For walks, water has become a necessity.

70 adult body is composed of water. Water, not only detoxification, blood circulation, nutrition transportation, are used in important metabolic processes such as body temperature regulation. The amount of water to be discharged in a day by the urine and sweat’s approximately 2.5ℓ. Moisture about 1.3ℓ that can be compensated through the meal, 1.2ℓ is about the rest of the half, there is a need to compensate by drinking water.

a state in which the body of water is insufficient and dehydrated state, if this is not resolved, that chronic dehydration . When it comes to chronic dehydration, it increases the concentration of blood, feeling easily fatigue lethargy, headache, constipation, symptoms such as obesity visit. Chronic dehydration leads to excessive secretion of histamine, I have atopy, also research results that cause allergic diseases such as asthma.

The recent turn of the dry season as, the mucous membranes of the bronchi and the nose is dry, because it so take it easy in the cold feel greater fatigue to Chun Gong Jun, can you timely replenish the water in the body It is very important.

Water is big detox, diet, improvement of blood circulation, anti-aging, the effect of such help to sleep. Water that is willing to toxins such as small dirt out of the body through the urine and sweat is to suppress the appetite giving a feeling of fullness in 0㎉, help diet.

Body as you get older, moisture content is reduced. Moisture rate reached 90 when the newborn, when it reaches the elderly, fall to 50. The more older, it is possible to prevent aging that will sufficiently ingest water.

What we can not do without also there is a method of healthy to drink. World Health Organization (WHO), presents a water 1.5~2ℓ the daily recommended dose. It’s about eight glasses from 200㎖ was cup. However, not good to drink driving this amount at a time. Usually, it is known that not good to drink more at a time 500㎖ (small plastic bottle one). If a short period of time to drink a lot of water, sodium concentration in the blood hyponatremia occurs to be low, headache, and it is possible nausea, such as muscle cramps may occur. In particular, people with poor liver or kidney, attention must be paid to moisture overdose.

Igyeho Chungnam National University Professor one cup of pre-meal of fasting in the morning the water is not cool, 2 hours one cup after the meal, and I drink a cup of 30 minutes before a meal, said 321 water health law presented to the It was or. Water is a good story to drink is often divided little by little.

There is no taste (tasteless) and drinking water, as long as it is a high frequency, it is good to eat by creating a car of the number of lemon and lotus root. After the number of lemon which was washed lemon in warm water to dissolve the baking powder, it may be Kurere put into water and cut. The number of smell lemon fresh lemon, water the more it is possible to reduce the difficulty to drink, as a bonus, can be ingested also vitamin C. Savory taste lotus root vehicles sodium excretion is a dish also give help.

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