One in 10 people in their 70s, for five years be less than dementia … 40 years of age increased by

Dementia 039; 70s, one 039 to 10 people … five years be less than 40 years of age increased by 50 near

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Dementia is a disease that occurs in damage to the brain functions I found that was increased by nearly doubled in the past five years. Especially 70s, one is I was found to be undergoing medical treatment for dementia in 10 people.

Health insurance examination center is the 29th, and distributed a press release that incorporates these contents. According to this, by using the material of health insurance and medical insurance review decision of the last five years (2009-2013 years), the results of the analysis for the dementia, medical personnel, about 210,000 in 2009 7,000 about 180,009 thousand people in about 400,005 thousand people five years to 2013 from human (87.2) has increased, the average annual growth rate was 17.

In addition, the total medical costs are about 1 trillion 2,740 billion won in 2013 from about 5,567 billion won in 2009, has increased about 7,173 billion won (128.8) in five years, the annual average growth rate 23 It was.

Looking at the last five years the medical personnel of dementia in gender, the average annual growth rate of female medical personnel is higher than men, the percentage of women compared to men, increased from 2.3 in 2009 to 2.5 in 2013. And, the last five years, the share of the age (10-year-old section), the interval of greater than or equal to the reference 70s the 2013 has become the most high, the order of 60s 9.9,50 generations 2.9 in 86.9. Between the 40s under the age of 40, it was found to be respectively occupy 0.1, 0.5.

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If you look at the age interval gender clinic personnel, it was found that the female medical personnel of more than 70 generations of the interval of about 280 005 thousand people, accounting for 64.4 of the total medical personnel. , Market share is lower than 40 years of age, 40s, been shown to increase by 43.4,6.5,38.4 respectively compared also in 2013 medical personnel of 50s interval in 2009, it is necessary to pay attention also to the relatively young layer it is determined that.

Also, looking at the medical personnel present situation of dementia per hundred thousand population, more than 70 years of interval, one out of 10 in about 1 million people has become a medical personnel of dementia. In all age groups, it was found that the medical personnel has increased as compared with 2009. , More than 70 years of interval was increased by about 60 compared to 2009.

Dementia is, as a typical disease of senile diseases, the function of the brain is impaired by a variety of causes, is caused disease. Symptoms memory, if there is a drop in cognitive function such as language ability, in everyday life will be a failure occurs, the kind there is such as vascular dementia, dementia in Alzheimer’s disease.

The typical cause of dementia occurs, Alzheimer’s disease, there is such as a blood vessel resistance, depression, drugs, and other causes such as alcohol.

Alzheimer’s disease is a typical disease that causes dementia, verbal memory force is reduced, such as the ability to make decisions, it is a degenerative brain disease that gradually decreases.

The more there is a hindrance in everyday life, memory is reduced or language disorder, time and if there is a symptom, such as location confusion dementia it is possible to suspect, suspected, immediately consult your doctor, to undergo such medical examination must way.

Inspection of dementia examination, blood tests, neuropsychological testing, conducted in an image inspection of the brain in the case of vascular dementia, when it is discovered early, the possibility of improvement over other types of dementia It is known that high.

38 231; dementia prevention tips 38 231 is for full-time judges of the health insurance examination center is to prevent the dementia, as shown in the 3 , movement, using the brain, such as over a reading, drinking , it is necessary to the efforts of such must leave and smoking, those who receive a medical examination for the initial discovery has revealed a good .

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Uterine fibroids, you do not need to pay for women

[HEALTH] uterine fibroids, 039; female 039; entered does not need to be put out to

Housewife L’s (47 Seoul Gangnam Dotanihora) recently, has visited the emergency room in sudden abdominal pain, she received a diagnosis of uterine fibroids and adenomyosis. In the hospital, there is no possibility of pregnancy, it was recommend hysterectomy surgery to L, who entered the menopause. However, L, who heard about the sequelae of hysterectomy around is, hesitated this. It was decided to start the hormone therapy is a non-surgical treatment after she’s worried after all. L-san, during the six months, was struck injection visited the hospital every month. Flash in to receive the treatment, sweating, symptoms of typical menopausal disorders such as insomnia were also must spend a lot of time are displayed together. For dizziness occur until otolith disease caused by a particular hormone therapy, daily life was about difficult. However, the result of inspection received the following treatment was shocking. So far the size of the fade as fibroids hardship does not change, I was sentenced there is no way only a hysterectomy from the hospital.

◆ uterine fibroids to rapidly increasing incidence

Uterine fibroids, although one in two women of childbearing age are consuming more common disease, if symptoms develop, it can be a serious threat to women’s health. State age who suffer from uterine disease’s 40s. Last year, 48 of the fibroid patients, adenomyosis, endometriosis of the patient 56 was the 40’s.

Not only South Korea is now, as well as record the hysterectomy rate first place in the OECD countries, as has been rapidly increasing recently four years of hysterectomy surgery number is also 41, the most common of uterine fibroids is hysterectomy It is known as the cause.

However, only the size of uterine fibroids you can determine the badly surgery, you do not need to worry about. Criteria for surgery of uterine fibroids, not the size, because the symptoms. and reluctantly, if to consider the surgery, the case to the extent that excessive physiological excessive numerical values ​​of anemia causes can not be everyday life for serious or pain, pregnant women to the position and size of the fibroids of childbearing age When can affect, and larger when it is extremely rare size fibroids is too fast, it is time that may develop into cancer.

Surgery of uterine fibroids in clinical is the opinion of the experts is that not very many. The ratio of the surgery as compared to the actual indications that higher a real Japanese medicine, preferentially, it is preferable to find a method capable of saving the uterus.

Especially in the case of whole delete hysterectomy surgery the uterus, because such people are also displayed larger sequelae compared to fibroids resection surgery to remove only the fibroids, when there is always need surgery, the only treatment is surgery there is a need to try to ensure that it is.

◆ breakthrough therapy by magnifying glass principle

Female hormones produced by the ovaries, for interaction with the uterus, if the resulting imbalance of the uterus disappears hormones causes various sequelae. Physical fatigue, lower body helplessness, frigidity, low back pain, such as a decrease and rapid aging of walking force I can be displayed. Depression and anxiety, it can also occur mental sequelae such as lethargy.

Fortunately, the latest treatment trends, because it is a minimally invasive uterine save sake of considering the possible pregnancy force, the most important thing in the treatment of uterine fibroids, is a treatment that suits one person of the patient. In the past, when it is mainly carried hysterectomy or uterine fibroids resection, recently, if surgery is necessary, primarily to laparoscopic fibroid resection. However, this is also the case that release only fibroids, there is that fibroids will happen again in the 50 patients, there is also a problem that the adhesion bleeding after surgery is badly.

As alternative means for solving these problems, recently, the patient’s number of uterine fibroids ultrasonic Haifu (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, HIFU) have shown interest in therapeutics. The basic principle, which means a high-intensity focused ultrasound to solve high is the latest treatment method, it is easy to understand and think about the magnifying glass.

Raising the temperature of the target focus point through the HIFU ultrasound Chojomufa as the principle that the temperature of the focal region of light gathered to collect sunlight to one point increases to generate heat with a magnifying glass, by burning the tumor cells It is a principle to destroy. Tumor cells, if column vulnerable at 45 ℃ or more, completely extinguish the tumor tissue at a high temperature of 65~100 ℃ deformation of the proteins of the cells solve occur high.

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◆ use of radiation NO! Satisfaction UP!

More than anything, the reason for receiving a Haifuga attention in the treatment of uterine fibroids is that they remove the tumor in a completely non-invasive methods that do not also use the knife or needle. Thus, the patient may be subject to no treatment of bloodless pain tumor tissue can be removed in a drop of blood shed without the body and thus, many women feel much fear borne surgery We have gotten the response of.

This surgery, since not using radiation, etc. even complications or side effects to treatment times, there is no harm to the human body, there is no need for anesthesia can also be mentioned as a great advantage. Also, it is possible to minimize damage to the treatment time of the surrounding organs, in terms of being able to save the uterus, since said innovative treatment for most developed form in the uterine fibroid treatment surgery It is there. Therefore, very high patient satisfaction.

However Haifunaifu (Haifu Knife) is, because it is a knife, which means sword literally, but a sword that can use anyone, once wrote inexperienced people with no experience is wrong, whereas become harm but rather experience Once extensive skilled person to use, and can be a great tool for better uterine fibroids. Therefore, it is not always, to undergo the surgery from skilled specialist.

Although patients who had been hesitant to treatment with the introduction early expensive there were many, they are classified in salary items in the non-salary items recently, has enabled the application of the number of insurance. Therefore, it became to be able to immediately return to everyday life after finishing the treatment at a cost with no burden, it must have good news to many of uterine fibroid patients.

Uterine fibroids is still, so the exact cause has not been revealed, it is most important to the prevention through the periodic medical examination. Especially because of the high probability that occurs when there is a family who have uterine fibroids, the better to receive the obstetrics and gynecology medical examination at least once a year.

☞ the degree of outside of my uterus was found in symptoms?

Monthly women, according to Magic. This is why, it’s physiology in barometer to check the health of the uterus. From simple bleeding to severe pain, my uterus, how let’s check that it is healthy.

  It is severe menstrual cramps

  Often Senriyan

  It will increase the physiological little by little

  Menstrual period is long, abundant

  Or to physiological and even without any menstruation

  Severe skin problems before and after physiological

  The break even nail thinner

  It hurts usually well belly

  Lump is touched in the belly

  There is pain during sexual intercourse

  Urine frequently Maryopuda

  There is constipation

  Well hurts hip

  Easily shortness of breath

  Exit the lot of hair than usual

  Shoulder pain is frequent, I choose good body

  It’s those who are susceptible to stress

  Tiring easily than other people

  lt; self-diagnostic result gt;

Among the checklist, if unless immediately received a gynecology examination if applicable three or more.

☞ this article, Money Week gt; ( is an article that was published in No. 346.

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Commitment Crystal genomics … domestic No. 22 new drug Oh Se Rex capsule

Domestic No. 22 new drugs [Medicine] commitment Crystal genomics … domestic No. 22 new drug Oh Se Rex capsule is I came out with bio-venture that does not have a factory. The new drug has been developed in the country was authorized without Food and Drug treatment production facility is the first time.

Domestic bio venture imports of raw materials cormorant with permission to develop a new drug with the finished product of the production of the pharmaceutical market, expected sales with corporate research center, respectively left to another skilled in the art as those that appeared in rushing me has attracted.

Shoku-yaku destination the 5th, Crystal genomics has approved the production and sales of new drugs, Oh Se Rex capsule that was developed.

This medicine, the Paul Ma Kok sieve as main raw material, is an anti-inflammatory agent to reduce the symptoms and signs of patients with osteoarthritis.

This drug, is expected to be sold production in the form of division of labor that thorough future. Pharmaceutical raw materials, finished goods production, domestic sales, it is believed to undertake each of the pharmaceutical companies and overseas sales. Finished products of production file chemicals responsible for the production of the drug, it is expected to contract manufacturing is performed. This permit and Okuma Pharmaceutical, entered into a national copyright contract of treatment new drugs Oh Se Rex capsule of osteoarthritis of this company, was supposed to take over the domestic sales. Crystal genomics, of this product in Europe, was found to have advanced discussions with multinational pharmaceutical companies in order to expand into markets such as the United States.

Crystal genomics, since listing in 2006, nor that it was recorded operating income once. Of 2012 operating loss of 92 billion won, in 2013 7.1 billion won, was recorded in 2014 6 billion won. Even though profits are not out, research and development expenses, to concentrate on the development of blood transfusion received new drugs from outside, finally achieved a success.

Last year According to the Small Business Administration, the amount of money that the government and venture kepi Torr difference was invested in venture companies at 1 trillion 639.3 billion won, was 18.4 increase over the previous year (one trillion 384.5 billion won). Of these, biotechnology is the investment in the 293.1 billion won by surge more than doubled year-on-year, it was found that disconnect the manufacturing industry (233.4 billion won).

Gimumungi professional research committee of Korea Bio Association, unlike other industry, biotechnology industry, as a result of out of the laboratory is immediately industrialization, to only lead to patent, this time new drug approval, the domestic biotechnology industry The said is even more can also be seen in the sense of the growth .

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Heel and thereby Pissing man

[Dr. Beni 88 365] heel and thereby Pissing man

I have heel to read the urine, The Power gave it solved was repeated anal, to strengthen the thigh muscles.

Like many men tried entered once, it is sexual function strengthening practice way. Away whether or not the effect, it’s a matter of course, such as the eyes to go is also good exercise and food to the strengthening of the men if sexual function that has entered the middle age.

20-30 strong sexual function of Taiwan was also forever, gradually decreases past the 40 to 50 generations. Tasting the food that good energy to the painful heart also room for improvement is not observed. The other? No way. Would not ~! And self-esteem that is try to comfort myself became crumpled will not be recovered.

Men bodily functions, including the testes with age aging is, also affects the sexual function. And even when the erection is not hard as before. It is impossible to sex and withered in the middle.

Always necessary for sexual activity is an erection lasting force and erection rigidity. Insertion of genital need to erection in more than a certain rigidity is possible. Also, because it is possible to erect state is continued sexual activity if necessary to continue a predetermined time or more.

Erection of men, the penis sponge body is relaxed, the penis within the microvessels of the blood flows in a temporary, occur. At this time, in the penile vein, it is to ensure subsequent erection state confinement so that it is not out of the flow blood. In other words, it is possible to shut off the flow of blood to its core.

nitrogen oxide due to the action that a large amount of blood makes me relax the corpus cavernosum to be flowing into the penis (nitrogen oxide) is a must. Important to adjust the nitrogen oxide, but it is just testosterone (testosterone). The reason for erection power is restored in the male hormone replacement only lies exactly here.

Movement of sexual enhancements such as thigh muscle strengthening movements and sphincter strengthening exercise (repeated thawing that gave force to the anus exercise) is to improve the erection force or increase the secretion of testosterone, help to strengthen the sexual function exercise It is.

After recovery erection through the sexual enhancement motion you will never want any more. However, if you want a faster effect, looking for a hospital, after analyzing the exact cause of the current own hypogonadism, the better to receive the proper treatment to suit it.

Shortcut of postprandial cigarette erectile dysfunction

[Dr. Beni 88 365] after-dinner cigarette shortcut of erectile dysfunction

Postprandial beginning of the year (after a meal tobacco) is erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction) ~! That smoking is the most stupid act of human beings. Smoking’s the act of sucking the 4,000 or more kinds of harmful chemicals, including tar. But I smoke a cigarette on the grounds that digestion is well to relieve stress.

The expression the beginning of the year after a meal (postprandial tobacco) is longevity (eternal youth Chosei) smokers favored, the taste of cigarettes after a meal happened to good. The reason is as follows.

When you eat, the surface of the tongue is covered with oil. It is feel the bitter taste of tobacco. Feriraruchin to issue a sweetness in the tobacco component (Perillartin) sweet is strongly soluble in saliva and oil in the mouth. This smoker is bloom tobacco habitually after meals. It is to be lonely smoke do not smoke. However, postprandial smoking to cause an imbalance in the secretion of gastric juice, gastritis, duodenal ulcer above, can become a cause of stomach cancer.

Tobacco, being easily association and is a lung cancer. However, tobacco is the beginning of cancer, is a cause of all diseases. In addition, it is also the biggest enemy that we took the energy of men. Then, smoking Let’s why examine the cause of erectile dysfunction

Carbon monoxide produced when you smoke a cigarette, large affinity of hemoglobin than oxygen, expelling the oxygen binds to hemoglobin in the blood. Extra oxygen which is not bound to hemoglobin, it is converted into active oxygen, and the party oxide combines with proteins and glucose in the blood.

Those oxides are sticking to the wall of the blood vessel become tacky shape as if butter is melted. Per oxides stick can damage the vessel wall. Platelets in the damaged blood vessel site secrete a powerful vasoconstriction vessel is deflated, it leads to hardens arteries hardening phenomenon narrows blood vessels. It is coming with disabilities to the blood circulation. Blood vessels of the arteries and the corpora cavernosa of the penis is very thin less than the blood vessels throughout the body, first affected. Of blood flow is reduced and I would like appear to erectile dysfunction.

For these reasons, when we examine the patient’s erectile dysfunction, often it is possible to discover when the abnormality in the thick blood vessel such as a coronary artery occurs. Say something about erectile dysfunction, a translation is a warning light of vascular disease.

Great damage more hassle if there (great damage futile) tobacco. Health, of course, is that the most sensible thing to break the tobacco still for strong men. Postprandial beginning of the year (after a meal tobacco) is a shortcut of erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction).

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Expansion of the production facilities of Seongnam ultrasound equipment

GE, the expansion of production facilities of Seongnam ultrasound equipment

GE Healthcare Seongnam research. To invest in production facilities will be greatly expanded.

In apparent when GE Healthcare Korea to expand the investment to a maximum of ultrasound research production facility of 30 days GE Korea GE ultrasound (GE Ultrasound Korea), was held the expansion groundbreaking ceremony in Gyeonggi Seongnam .

Korea GE ultrasound, ultrasound until 2017 and to complete research and development of the six-story to total area 5600㎡ (about 1700 square meters) over a period of more than 10 billion won (RD) center of the building by next February The plan increases the production of diagnostic equipment to the current twice there.

The events of this day, Akira 彦熊 valley GE Healthcare Asia Pacific Ocean region overall president, such as 170 people more than Karl Heinz Lum pin GE Healthcare global ultrasonic Division and female health care overall president of the participated.

Korea GE ultrasound, an important production base, which accounts for one third of global production of the ultrasonic device of GE Healthcare. 95 or more of production volume, which is shipped in Korea, Europe, have been exported to 160 countries worldwide, including the developed countries such as the United States.

Cheyounchun Korea GE ultrasound representative This investment, Korea GE ultrasound fruition of the formed achieved growth coexistence partnership with the past more than 30 years more than 120 small and medium-sized corporate partners and future, national health care research He said the training of development professionals to be job creation to want to contribute to the realization of the South Korean government of the creative economy.

[Ibyonmun medical professional reporter]

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Pain in the Onchimujiru effect of autumn rainy season health method ② postmenopausal women knee

[Onchimujiru effect props autumn rainy season is followed by the pain of women’s knee in the fall rainy season of the health law ② After menopause. Patients with knee arthritis is pain. Patients with knee arthritis has been increasing year by year, is particularly overwhelming proportion of women after menopause. It is effective pain in the knee during the rainy season is a badly made and Onchimujiru that you do not hit the cold wind directly to the site of pain. Even weight management if pain decreased rainy season after exercise, it is necessary to steadily stretching before exercise, it is possible to prevent the knee joint.

▲ patients with knee arthritis, three times that of women men after menopause

Joint pain, as the atmospheric pressure is low, is getting worse as the humidity is high. That is why patients with arthritis have complained of pain at the time of the rainy season becomes even more severely. In the rainy season, the external atmospheric pressure is low, relatively higher intraarticular pressure, activity of the neural feel the pain is presumed to become popular.

Patients with knee arthritis is thus increasing steadily. According to the article in the health insurance examination center, patients who receive medical care in the last year of degenerative knee joint at 2.33 million people, an increase of 350,000 people in 2007 1.98 million people or more. Average annual growth rate of four years was 4.2. In gender, but women were 2.7 times greater than men, women became three times the men in their 50s or older. Seasonal March-May, the patient was higher in the September-October.

Stem cell center obligation Son Kwon director of advanced day hospital, post-menopausal women, the secretion of estrogen is a female hormone is reduced, vulnerable but the knee joint menopause and the aging come changes in the hormone is accelerated The, it explained that must have an interest in knee health.

Select the knee of the day cloudy raining, in the case of illness, Onchimujiru is effective. We felt that if the Onchimujiru the site of the disease in a warm towel or pack, the circulation of the joints of the blood becomes smooth, the muscles are relaxed. Sauna, also is one of the way of bathing a joint pain such as Jjimjilbang in warm water. The temperature of the water is 40 degrees, poultices time is suitably about 15 minutes. Moving the sites of arthritis in the water to spread Gupuhyotoda, it is possible to obtain the effect of exercise compress simultaneously.

▲ during the rainy season, the knee pain, Onchimujiru knee blanket effect

And the humidity is high pain of joint becomes severely. Therefore, the flow of dehumidification function and fan of the air conditioner, it is necessary to maintain the room humidity within 50. However arthritis patients or wearing long clothing from the fact that pain in exposure to cold wind directly becomes violently, say cover the blanket to the knee.

Weight in order to prevent the deformation of the knee joint management, joint force is not going movement, you must stretch before exercise always practical. When it comes to obesity, the load rests on the knee is increased, and further a burden on joints. It must maintain a normal body weight in diet and stable movements. Exercise type is good movement that does not go is impossible directly to the knee.

Climbing is good for preventing arthritis, if it is already advanced to a severe, care must be taken because it may aggravate rather. The patient’s knee pain is severe, indoor bicycle, water aerobics, exercise to reduce the burden on joints such as walking is appropriate.

Exercise before the stretch is a no less important than in this movement. It heals gently joint sufficiently stretch before exercise. It is possible to obtain the articulation effect only stretch in the room. Imujonshiku reporter dadasportschosun

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The number in the 2013 national audit billion won was Insurance Corporation app, left with insuffici

[2013 national audit] several hundreds of million won was Insurance Corporation app, left Health Insurance Corporation with insufficient content over hundreds of millions of won for people of various convenience, but was fabricated distribute the application (app), and inadequate the content and post-management insufficient, it became clear that it is virtually left state.

Saenuri party Shin’uijin lawmakers, according to Health Insurance Corporation application current state of the National Health Insurance Corporation, the number of average monthly downloads in one application 8 that is produced distributed over 100 million 43 million won from 2010 to this year 1000 matter following app it revealed five have been the 25th.

In the case of M health insurance, query function, the content necessary to real life, such as petition services are in short supply, it was only introduced and terminology of description of most of the health insurance corporation. In addition, when the run after installation, a phenomenon in which the screen size does not fit occurs. Health Gallery is a phenomenon that has been stopped during the selection of a particular menu (health paperback) has occurred. The reason why the app is ignored from the public, an error in short supply is required content, a non-optimization problem and post-management, such as mismatch of the screen is because it was insufficient.

In the case of application Shin’uijin lawmakers had been already produced against this, immediately the error and bug fixes, with a regular satisfaction surveys and monitoring system, to be updated at any time the added information and functionality Nara and was also, to understand the maintenance and intermediate inspection realities of contractors to disloyal trader pointed out the need for sanctions, such as struck out system .

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Medical this year sales of 1 one hundred billion Nomugetoda

JW Chugai Medical year of sales 1 one hundred billion Nomugetoda diagnostic reagent market aggressively capture

  JW Chugai Medical, a subsidiary of JW Holdings the 19th, held a reagent Center opening ceremony in Seoul Gasan-dong, it declared a turnover 100 billion won breakthrough of 2013. The day Chason’namu JW production department of Chugai, Bakuguso JW Holdings president, Igyonha JW Chugai Group Vice Chairman, Noyongapu JW Chugai Medical president, Iu~ongyu JW Chugai Medical reagent Center (from front row left) after the addition of reagent Center opening ceremony We have a commemorative photo.

JW Chugai Medical has declared a turnover 100 billion won breakthrough of 2013. For this reason, it is inaugurated the reagent Center in Seoul Gasan-dong, it’s aggressively capture to policy the market at home and abroad of diagnostic reagents.

JW Holdings JW domestic and international Medical, a subsidiary of revealed the 19th and embark on a medical equipment market concentration Cheats domestic biochemical reagent release home and abroad set a sales target for this year to 105 billion won. Especially JW Chugai Medical, in order to full-scale business in the field of diagnostic reagents, the BCS, Inc. owns the manufacturing technology of the reagent has been acquired last year, such as opening the addition reagent Center in Seoul Gasan-dong, I was ready for the market capture.

Based on this, the high quality of the reagent provided at reasonable prices to domestic lawmakers market, at the same time increasing the market share, and to strengthen the overseas market capture, it’s strategy to develop as a medium- to long-term growth engine.

The new incubator, light-emitting diode (LED) jaundice therapy equipment, camera mounted Muyoundo~un beginning with orthopedic while continuously expand the marketing of specialty hospital and General Hospital of the core sales channel of strategic products to make, neurosurgery, medical examination center It plans to expand the target from the low-cost market in through the development of new markets, such as to draft market.

Also embark aggressively on capacity building in the field of research and development (RD). JW Chugai Medical, have been made the smart operating table of studies that enhance the user interface to the ongoing, plans to launch products that performance has improved in the new surgery JWT7000 which was released last year.

In addition, some products available but to apply the customization options to promote the development in accordance with the type of surgery, such as to reinforce the Honey lux LED vision of the mounting of the camera Muyoundo~un the color temperature automatic adjustment function, operating table in 2015 Muyoundo~un The may be used in conjunction with a plan to develop a video management data link system.

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ICL intraocular lens insertion preoperative reason must undergo UBM inspection is

ICL intraocular lens insertion preoperative reason must undergo UBM inspection is?

In order to escape the discomfort of glasses or contact lenses, a lot of people is LASIK? LASEK we’re considering surgery.

However, surgery is not a few people impossible.

In fact LASIK, even want to LASEK surgery, there are statistics that’s impossible to 10 people in one or two people of surgery.

LASIK, LASEK surgery, or when or high myopia is difficult for corneal surgery to correct a refractive error by cutting the cornea with a laser to cut the cornea in a thin laser, astigmatism, raw people, to correct the cornea There is a limit, difficult surgery.

It is an effective alternative immediately intraocular lens implantation surgery in such cases. Lens implantation surgery, as it is while maintaining without cutting the cornea in a manner to correct vision by inserting a specially fabricated lenses, when side effects occur, to remove the lenses immediately to the state prior to surgery there is an advantage in that return is also possible.

Intraocular lens implantation surgery, based on the insertion position, the most common ICL in the lens insertion surgery is divided by the front lens and the rear lens insert the lens between the iris and lens in the rear lens insertion surgery eyesight It is a surgery to correct.

Myopia (3-23 diopters) and live (3-17 diopters) calibration is possible, by Historic ICL is to insert a lens to match the direction of the eye astigmatism, myopia in a single operation, hyperopia and astigmatism (1-6 diopter) until the corrected together, it is possible to stable visual recovery clean.

However, it is important to space the precise measurement between the iris and the lens case of the ICL. ICL of the posterior lens, the human eye the size of the lens emerges Jonhejoso four, the size and shape are different for each, to insert a size of the lens that does not fit the eye, the likelihood of lens exchange, cataracts and there is a risk that glaucoma occurs.

Therefore, we must always be conducted UBM examination. UBM examination, only conventional ophthalmic examination apparatus can be confirmed until the fine part of the rear eye tissue after iris that it was not possible to examine in detail as ultrasound bio-microscopy, space at the site where the lens is located Bet to measure the depth.

Gangnam Aionsu Ophthalmology Hidarikumo-ho director is intraocular lens implantation surgery, LASIK for treatment of the surface of the cornea, unlike LASEK, and for only a surgical procedure to be performed in the space in the snow, to insert a precise lens in, such as UBM examination, a detailed examination is important necessary, you can locate and select a number of lens types of surgery capable hospital from hospital to stick only to the one lens, preoperative test results Based on, said most suitable lens implantation surgery it is important to receive a yourself.

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